Floatation Therapy

The float tank is a large tank that contains water that is saturated with over 500kg of Epsom salts. This salt is dissolved in around 30cm of water and is regulated at your skin temperature of 35.5 degrees. This dense solution supports your body and allows it to float effortlessly, relaxing your entire body.  The temperature of the water, air and your body are the same temperature, and you can't feel where your body ends or the water begins.  This creates a feeling of floating in space.


The floatation tank is designed to block out both light and sound which allows your mind to drift into a deep state of relaxation, creating a disconnection from today’s busy environment.  The body frees itself of tension and gives way to a heightened state of relaxation which prompts the production of theta waves within the brain. The global response to floating is of profound relaxation, heightened clarity and a sense of well being.

Float therapy involves floating in a tank full of a very dense mix of water, Epsom salts and magnesium. The tank is maintained at a constant temperature of 35.1 degrees. As this is the average skin temperature, the nerve endings covering the body's surface no longer perceive any sense of separation between the skin and the silky mineral solution surrounding it.


You have full access to opening and closing the float tank lid, turning the light in the tank on or off and turning the music in the tank up or down. 











                                              1 hour of float therapy = 4 hours of sleep!

Casual Visit Prices

1 hour Float (1.25 hour booking)        $70

1.5 hour Float (1.75 hour booking)     $95

Shorter sessions for children available


3 in a Month Deal

Book 3 x 1 hour Floats within 30 days $180 Save $30

Book 3 x 1.5 hour Floats within 30 days $210 Save $45

5 Pack Prices

5 sessions to use within 6 months

1 hour Float (1.25 hour booking) $275 Save $75

1.5 hour Float (1.75 hour booking) $360 Save $115



Float Therapy can offer pain relief and relaxation not found elsewhere. The salt/magnesium solution creates a weightless environment which takes the pressure off the body and spine, and can reduce fluid retention and inflammation. 

It helps with the exhaustion and discomfort experienced in pregnancy.​

What are some of the benefits of float therapy?

The relaxed state you get into while in the tank is a healing state for many conditions and is reported by researchers to:

  • energise and revitalise

  • promote calm, relaxation and meditation

  • reduce fatigue and jet lag

  • reset your sleep cycle and improve normal energy levels

  • increase your motivation and reduce depression, anxiety and fear

  • enhance rehabilitation and recovery from injury or surgery

  • relieve pain from arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia and injuries

  • creating mental clarity and alertness through synchronisation of left/right brainwaves

  • shift brainwaves from beta to lower frequency levels, alpha, theta, and even delta waves

  • accelerate learning, increase creativity, improve problem solving abilities

  • mental clarity increases your productivity

  • help with habits, phobias and addictions

  • Improve athletic performance, speed the healing process, and prevent sports injuries.

  • boost immune function

  • decrease the production of cortisol, ACTH, lactic acid and adrenaline which helps reduce stress

  • increase the production of endorphins

  • increase and improve the circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients

  • reduce blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption

What you need to know before your Float Session

Float Therapy is not recommended if any of the following apply:


  • Incontinence, or voluntarily/involuntarily release of bodily fluids of any kind.

  • Any condition which may be adversely affected by absorption of magnesium or which inhibits the body from processing magnesium.

  • A history of epilepsy, seizures or blackouts and having not received doctor’s permission to use the floatation tank.

  • A history of psychotic attacks.

  • Current severe sun burn.

  • A contagious disease or infectious skin condition or open/infected wounds.

  • You are under 18 years old, and have not obtained parental consent.

  • You were medically advised not to float.

  • If you have any concerns talk to you doctor first.


Please ask for more information before you float if any of the following apply:


  • Any ear issues or being prone to ear infections.

  • You are experiencing a heavy menstrual period or abnormal vaginal discharge.

  • You have any cuts or sores.

  • You are a diabetic and it is uncontrolled.

  • You have any heart issues.

  • You are not confident of being able to get in and out of the tank due to lack of personal mobility.


Please note the following:


  • It's important you shower before your float to remove oils, creams, dirt or makeup from your hair and body.

  • If you have had your hair coloured recently it is important you make sure the water running through your hair in the shower at home is completely clear before floating.

  • Don’t shave or wax at least 12 hours before your float to avoid any irritation.

  • Avoid caffeine before your float, it may interfere with your ability to relax.

  • Please do not drink alcohol or take any illicit drugs before floating.

  • Please remove all jewellery, hearing aids and contact lenses.

The Floating Experience

In preparation for your first float, there are several things to understand.  In the dark, quiet compartment, you will be floating in salt-saturated water, heated to skin temperature.  You will have a feeling of floating weightlessly in space.  Your experience will depend upon your state of mind and expectations.  Reactions have ranged from euphoria to boredom, but the most common response is a sense of deep relaxation.


For a positive experience, please follow these steps at our health centre:


  1. Use the restroom prior to your float

  2. Shower, shampoo and rinse thoroughly before and after your float

  3. Remove all clothing and jewellery (you may wear bathers if you prefer, but not recommended)

  4. Cover all cuts or abrasions with the spray on skin to prevent stinging from the salt water

  5. Insert your earplugs to keep the salt water out (your ears will be below the water’s surface)

  6. Enter the tank and slowly sit in the water, become familiar and comfortable with the tank before you lie down

  7. There is a light on your right – turn it on and off a few times to feel comfortable with its operation and location. The music control is also on your right, adjust as needed

  8. You will take a facecloth in with you – place above controls and keep as dry as possible – you will use it if you happen to get water in your eyes

  9. You have complete control of the door, ideally you want to have it closed

  10. As you lie down (face up only), your body will float to the surface like a cork. As you relax, you will tend to become peaceful in the center of the tank

  11. First-time users will sometimes notice tension in their necks – relax into the water and you will float comfortably – your head will float along with the rest of your body

  12. You may float with your arms at you sides or clasped behind your head, or in any position that you feel most comfortable

  13. Refrain from touching your face as the salt water will irritate your eyes – use the facecloth to dry if needed

  14. You may leave the tank at any time – you are always in complete control

  15. When your float time is up, filtration system will turn on and off, creating movement in the water. Sit up slowly and keep your head tilted back so the salt water does not drip into your eyes, use the facecloth to wipe back your hair

  16. Open the door and when you feel steady, slowly stand up and allow your body to readjust to the pull of gravity

  17. Prior to leaving the tank, let the salt water drain from your body, squeeze the excess water from your hair, and use the facecloth to wipe the excess water from your body

  18. Remove your earplugs and place them in the small bin near the tank

  19. Shower to remove all of the salt solution from your skin and hair, using the products provided.


Enjoy your Adventure of Peace and Relaxation!

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