Salt Therapy

Relax in the Salt rooms for a 45 minute session while a Halo Generator reproduces the therapeutic micro-climate of natural salt caves.


With salt on the floor and walls, you breathe in the regulated salt, which is immediately transported to every part of the respiratory tract; even the smallest bronchioles and alveoli.


Once in place, it dissolves and attracts the small impurities, which are either coughed up, or expelled from the body during metabolic processes. 

The Salt Haven

This room can have up to 5 adults seated in it together and a number of children. The salt is gentle and fine in this room, making it a great option for anyone from newborn babies up to the elderly. The Salt Haven is best for treating chronic conditions, cold and flu symptoms in children and the elderly, conditions of inflammation, and respiratory conditions. 

The Salt Cave

This room can have up to 3 people in it together. The salt comes into the air thicker in this room and is best suited for sinus issues, skin conditions, cold and flu symptoms and hay fever symptoms. The Salt Cave is also available for massages and reflexology at a price of $30 on top of your treatment price.

All sessions run for 45 minutes

  • Standard Session $35

  • 10 sessions $300

  • Senior/Health Care Card $30

  • 10 Sessions $260

  • Pension Card $25

  • 10 Sessions $215

  • Family Salt Sessions $60 (2 Adults and 2-4 Children)

  • Extra Children $10

  • 3 Salt Sessions in 7 Days- pay for 2 and receive 1 FREE!

Membership Prices

 Monthly Membership

  •  Adult /Child $217 per month

  • Pensioner $165 per month


3 Months Paid in Advance

  • Adult /Child $520

  • Pensioner $390​​

Add family members

(including grandparents or children)

 to any membership, for $44 per person per month for the whole membership


You can bring any additional person to a salt session that is not included in your membership

for just $10 per session

Family pricing on request


Add sauna to a membership

(child membership excluded)

$120p/m for 1 adult


How our Membership Works​

  • Simply pay upfront for either 1 or 3 months and receive unlimited salt sessions in the either salt room for the time period chosen.

  • Each membership includes 1 adult and 1 child, and there are options to add family members at a reasonable price.

  • When your membership expires, you can rejoin straight away if you wish, for the time period that you choose.

  • You can start at any day of the month, and can rejoin at any time.  There are no joining fees, long term commitments or direct debit payments.


Colds, flu & infection

The antibacterial properties of the salt help to kill the common bacteria and virus within the respiratory system.Salt stimulates the immune system and the removal of excess mucus. Regular treatments help to keep the airways clean and can improve healing time.


The anti-inflammatory properties of salt reduce inflammation within the respiratory system. Salt helps to break up mucus, relieve shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing.

Hay fever, sinus & allergies

Salt is anti-inflammatory and reduces inflammation and mucus thereby reducing the symptoms of hay fever, sinus issues and allergies.


Skin conditions

Acne, eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis - Salt therapy may help to improve eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis through encouraging healing, stress reduction and by bringing fresh nutrients to the skin. The antibacterial properties of the salt reduces the bacteria on the skin that is involved in acne. It reduces redness and encourages healthy skin. 


Massage in the salt cave

The salt cave is a beautiful cave-like secluded room that has an ambience all of it's own which adds to the total massage experience.

Some More Benefits of Salt Therapy

• Encourages healing
• Improves sleep patterns
• Supports skin water balance and barrier function
• Mineral salts are rejuvenating for cell function
• Reduces stress and headaches
• Increases energy

• Clears the respiratory system
• Salt is antimicrobial and antibacterial
• Reduces inflammation in the lungs
• The negative ions released by the salt have a calming and balancing affect on our bodies
• Supports your immune system
• A 45 minute session in one of our salt room is equivalent to spending three days by the sea.

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